Devon Art Events

Devon's art events are amongst the best in the UK – which is no surprise, given such beautiful and inspirational surroundings. From exhibitions of brilliant talent, to displays of wonderful local crafts, to fascinating book festivals, there are many great events attracting art lovers to Devon, all year round.

Read on for more details of arts events that take place across Devon, all year round – read on and follow the links below for more information.

Arts exhibitions: photography, ceramics, fine art, illustrations, installations, calligraphy … there are galleries, museums and other public buildings displaying works from artists both locally- and internationally-known. Enjoy modern and historical works that will leave you feeling inspired and enriched.

Arts workshops: fancy turning your hand to a new art or craft? Devon’s artists run a huge variety of classes and workshops to introduce you to a new skill, or refine your expertise in something that you already enjoy. Look out for screen printing, glasswork, metalwork, wood carving, crochet ... and many, many more. Classes are often held in artists’ own studios, or elsewhere.

Concerts: whether you love the opera, bluegrass, thrash metal, world music or brass bands, there’s a concert going on somewhere in Devon that you’ll enjoy. We have performance venues large and small that you’ll enjoy attending – or playing at (open mic evening are very popular in Devon).

Book festivals: Devon’s book festivals are among some of the best in the UK, and attract big name authors, as well as those who are more up-and-coming. In recent years, Devon’s book festivals have widened their offerings so that lovers of literature can also enjoy workshops, walks, historical and social events as part of the whole literary experience.

Fairs: if your interest in art extends to adding to your personal collection then look out for arts and crafts fairs taking place, where pieces are available to buy for from £5 to £50,000!