Crediton has a unique spiritual heritage, with the church being a main focal point and it being the birth place of St Boniface. St Boniface is one of the founding fathers of the Christian Church in Europe and is the patron saint of Devon as well as of Germany and the Netherlands.

Because of this, Crediton is seen as being a place for pilgrims to visit. There is a National Shrine of Boniface at the Roman Catholic Church of St Boniface in Crediton, as well as references to him around the town, including a large wooden sculpture and a commemorative window in the parish church, a statue and a well. A great way to find out more about him is to follow the town’s Boniface Trail. There are over 20 popular local walks throughout the Crediton area to explore, providing a whole new way to view the glorious Mid-Devon countryside and discover a new side of the town and its beautiful setting.
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Rich history 

Crediton is a lively market town in the heart of Devon with a rich history. Surrounded by good agricultural land, it became a prosperous wool town and was later famous for its footwear industry. During the English Civil War Crediton was used as a base by the Parliamentarian army in their campaign against the Royalists. In 1743 much of the town was destroyed by fire, so many of the elegant buildings you see today were built after that tragic event.

Today, Crediton contains many local independent retailers and a thriving famers’ market, making it an ideal place to escape the monotony of the British high street. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to buy unique items, as well as to sample locally sourced food and drink. This historic market town, in the heart of Devon, is a convenient place to visit and stay if you’re planning trips to Dartmoor and Exmoor and is only seven miles from Exeter It is in the middle of an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and because of its proximity to Dartmoor has a unique climate compared to the rest of Devon.

In addition to its roots in the establishment of Christianity, Crediton has been a farming community for most of its history, this is celebrated by the regular farmers’ markets that take place in the town centre. Crediton prides itself on producing some of the best food in Europe. Many of the products are grown organically and the farms produce high quality meat and game. Local cheeses, home grown beef and organic vegetables can be found in the town’s shops. If that wasn’t enough, Crediton is home to several dairies and creameries which are open to the public, should you want to sample the freshest milk and cream in the region.

For anyone who wants to explore the county by rail, Crediton offers a main line service and is served by all trains on the Barnstaple to Exeter line and for overseas visitors, Crediton is less than an hour’s drive from Exeter Airport. In recent years, a new Okehampton line has also opened, connecting Crediton to the edge of the Dartmoor National Park and providing even more opportunities to explore this beautiful area of Devon.

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