Glamping & Alternative Accommodation in Devon

Sometimes you just want something a bit different when you’re going away, and if you are that person, we have you covered with a list of the best Glamping and Alternative Accommodation options Devon has to offer!

What is glamping?

So, what exactly is ‘glamping’? Well, simply put, it is glamorous camping. If you don’t think that camping can be glamorous then you have never experienced glamping. We all know that camping has a rustic charm, but not everyone likes the idea of spending the night out in the British wilderness, which is why glamping is the perfect compromise. You get proper beds, you get actual showers. Interested? Then read on!

If you fancy staying in something that feels like a tent but is more substantial, usually with proper beds and cooking facilities and sometimes even plumbing and electrics, you’ll find a good range of alternative accommodation options across Devon.

From contemporary yurts to Medieval-style pavilions, renovated shepherd’s huts to purpose-built pods, glamping and alternative accommodation sites are dotted all over Devon, in beautiful country and coastal settings. Many also offer great ‘getting down with nature experiences’ too: expect foraging trips, campfire gatherings, woodland cafes, and the option to collect your own eggs in the morning.

With all the fun of camping plus the comforts of home, glamping is the cool kids’ way to (not) rough it and Devon has some of the best glamping sites in the country. Glamping is perfect for those of you who want the camping experience but without the unglamourous aspects, forget about freezing in a sleeping bag while your tent sways in the wind and forget about heating beans over a small stove, glamping gives you all the mod cons without taking away the joy of sleeping outside and being at one with nature.

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Much like the people holidaying in Devon, the glamping and alternative accommodation sites are just as unique as they are. Whatever your taste and style, we can find something for you.

Unique accommodation options

If you want to sleep among the treetops or spend a few nights in a Mongolian Yurt, feel the sea breeze or use it as a base for exploring the wider countryside, they have a site for you. With them or one of our other glamping members, you can enjoy being out in the countryside without having to compromise on luxury. The best bit? You can camp in any weather, don’t worry about having to wake up to a leaking tent, you can spend the night in a wooden lodge or a giant safari tent and not even notice the wind and rain outside!  

There are even have options for those travelling with small children and dogs so you don’t have to miss out on the glamping experience!

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