Instow is a great destination, whatever the season. Located on an estuary where the Rivers Taw and Torridge meet, it is a peaceful and charming place with lovely views across to Appledore and is one of the best places in the region for catching the sunset. 

Active breaks in Instow

Instow might be peaceful and charming but it is also a haven for those that love being energetic. The Tarka Trail runs through the town providing a scenic way to get around, while the beach offers year round entertainment. From watersports to sunbathing to digging sandcastles, there is always something to do on the beach. It is particularly popular with windsurfers and is a good place for beginners to watersports because the waves are generally much calmer than those on nearby beaches. 

Visit Appledore

While in Instow, why not jump on the ferry and cross the estuary into Appledore? With picturesque houses and both towns having a strong maritime heritage, you can find plenty of delicious sea food and hints at the region's history on a day trip over the estuary. 

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