Family Friendly Places to Eat in Devon

What makes a pubrestaurant or café family-friendly? It can be one or a combination of many things. It can mean that play areas are provided, or colouring, or toys. It can simply be a warm welcome that’s extended to all members of your party, and feeling reassured that your children are welcome even if they're making (Heaven forbid!) a little bit of noise.

There are plenty of family-friendly places to eat in Devon – which is great news. All parents know that if there's just one thing that makes a family meal enjoyable it's making sure the children are happy.

Family-friendly food

In Devon’s family-friendly places to eat often as much thought goes into the kids' food as the adults. Of course, most serve up the perennial favourites, and in many places these are fresher, home-made (better) versions. But some serve child-size portions of some of the more grownup food too, meaning that if your child has a palate as refined and developed as yours, they’ll be happy too!

Take a look below, and see our family attractions too - then start planning your family holiday to Devon.


Family Friendly highlights