Arts, Crafts & Culture in Devon

When it comes to the arts, there are plenty of opportunites to indulge your creative side, not only are their courses and events, but the county is the home of a number of the UK's favourite artists, musicians and authors. Among Devon's exports are Joss Stone, Chris Martin, Matt Bellamy representing music, Agatha Christie and Charles Kingsley representing literature and Josh Widdocombe, Sue Barker and Tom Daley representing comedy, acting, sports and presenting among others. 

With the awe inspiring views, it is now wonder that we're an arty lot here in Devon. Inspired by our beautiful surroundings, we like to paint, sew, sculpt, knit and make ... and show off the end results afterwards!

Cultural Hub

The cities of Exeter and Plymouth have a representation for having an incredible night life with plenty of live music and cultural events, while you can find theatres, galleries, cinemas and a whole host of small live music venues all over the county. 

Take a bit of Devon art with you

From sessions and courses allowing you to create your own art pieces to take home with you to markets selling locally created arts and crafts and galleries and pop up art shows offering you the chance to grab a unique piece for your collection, there are chances to snap up some arts and crafts wherever you are in the county. 

There are also kids' events and attractions which allow them to get arty, and galleries where you can see how the professionals do it - just take a look below.