Devon Gin

While it might seem like a new trend, gin has actually been drunk in Britain since the Middle Ages and with England's oldest working distillery still producing excellent gin in Plymouth, Devon is the place to go to enjoy this fashionable beverage. 

Devon gin

From traditional London Dry styles made in huge copper pots, to small handcrafted batches using unexpected botanicals, to sloe gins and unusual gin liqueurs, it’s easy to underestimate the variety of gins that are now produced in Devon – and it’s also great fun sampling them all! Devon gin and gin distilleries are enjoying a well-deserved renaissance at the moment, as the world wakes up to the endless delights and possibilities of this increasingly popular drink – and the quality of the craft gins both new and old that are produced here.

Devon distilleries

There have been distilleries in Devon producing gin since the Middle Ages – and Devon still boasts excellent award-winning gins with history and traditions going back hundreds of years. But in recent years new distilleries have emerged, producing craft gins in a variety of unique styles.

Where to try Devon gin

Of course, the most obvious answer is – at a Devon distillery! Some of them offer tours and tastings, and a visit to a distillery is a fantastic way to stimulate your appetite for gin! But also many of Devon’s pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels now stock at last one home-grown gin – so next time you visit, seek one out.

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