Country House Hotels in Devon

When you think of Devon, no doubt you immediately think of a country house hotel on a sprawling estate - if that's what you're looking for from your stay in Devon, look no further, here are a selection of the best country house hotels in the county. Staying at a country house hotel will provide a totally different experience to staying at more traditional hotel. Not only do you have a huge amount of space which often comes with additional privacy and the chance to really relax and take things at a gentler pace, but as they were previously family homes, each one is totally unique. Plus, with the years of history contained within each one, they can be a great way to learn more about Britain's history, for instance, a stay in an Elizabethan house is the perfect way to learn more about how people lived in that time. 

A stay with character 

Devon's country house hotels are often set in beautiful old manor houses or stately homes that were once private dwellings - giving you the chance to experience a small slice of life as Lord or Lady of the house. Many of them are still owned by the original families, with history dating back hundreds of years.  They're usually surrounded by acres of private grounds, many of which allow you to take part in some country pursuits such as shooting or riding - and a few even have their own stretches of river (and ghillie) so guests can fish.

All pride themselves on their excellent food and drink - and if you're lucky, it will come from the hotel's own grounds and kitchen garden.

As you will expect from such old buildings, each of these hotels have a wealth of stories that make staying there fascinating. The owners and staff won't need much coaxing to tell you about any royal connections, noble guests or even a ghost or two that might still lurk around the halls. Devon was instrumental during the English Civil War and many of these hotels were around then and were used by both royalists and parliamentarians, some of them even still have evidence of the side they fought for still there. 

Staying in a country house hotel is a fantastic way to experience Devon - and often, its history, so what are you waiting for, book your stay today. 

Country House Hotel highlights