Animals & Aquariums in Devon

Whether you want a chance to get up close and personal to rescued otters, make friends with rescued donkeys or want to find out more about exotic creatures from around the world, why not visit one of Devon's zoos or animal attractions? Offering a great day out for all ages and plenty to do whatever the eather, there are loads of chances to learn more about the natural world here in Devon. With everything from small petting zoos to large exhibitions and even national conservation charities, you're never too far from an array of wonderful creatures. 

Devon's zoos accessible for all

Devon's zoos and aquariums want to make sure that everyone has a great time when visiting and it has been proven that being around animals or in a marine environment is a fun and relaxing day out for people with autism and other sensory conditions. Many of Devon's wildlife attractions have level access and wheelchair accessible viewing platforms and the calming nature and lack of loud noises make them a great choice for anyone with sensory conditions. Several of these attractions also offer special days like Quiet Days where there are a limited number of visitors, so everyone can have a memorable experience. 

Did you know... 

While you can find out a host of fun facts about animals and marine life when you visit Devon's zoos, farm parks and aquariums, did you know that the sites themselves have some fun facts associated with them? For instance, did you know that Paignton Zoo in South Devon is one of the earliest combined zoo and botanical gardens to open in Beitain? Or that Dartmoor Zoo is the setting for the book and film, We Bought a Zoo? The zoo was bought by Benjamin Mee in August 2006 and he lived there with his two children and reopened it as an attraction in 2007 - the book and the film are both based on his experiences! 

Another fun fact for you - The National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth is the largest aquarium in the UK and is located within the UK's first marine conservation area. As well as being home to many international species, it also features plenty of local fish too, so you can find out more about the marine life in our own waters. It isn't just the aquarium that is the largest in the UK, the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth is part of the largest equine charities in the world - not only that but it is free to visit!

Take a look below to see what Devon has to offer, and start adding to your itinerary.