Museums & Galleries in Devon

Did you know that Devon is one of the oldest populated places in the UK? That's one of the reasons why we're so proud of our heritage and why you'll find museums and heritage centres all over the place, giving you plenty of opportunities to learn more about the people that have called Devon home since the beginning of time. 

Galleries and displays all over the county 

Most towns in Devon have at least one museum and many of them are free to visit and those that aren’t offer discounts for families and return visitors, as well as plenty of activities and events to keep everyone entertained during your trip. These museums are home to artefacts, displays and interactive exhibits proudly showing off the local history, as well as each town’s place in wider historical events, such as the English Civil War, the fight against the Spanish Armada and the many training centres that were active during WWII.

It isn’t just history that you’ll find in abundance here in Devon, another point of pride for the people of Devon is their art. Wherever you go in Devon you’ll find examples of local art with galleries displaying everything from paintings to sculptures either created in or inspired by the region. Damien Hirst’s Verity can be found in Ilfracombe, in North Devon and towards the south in Totnes and Dartington, you’ll find a whole host of independent artists.

A chance to get involved 

Don’t think all of Devon’s art is just for display, there are plenty of chances for you to let your creative side loose too, the artists and crafters of Devon are always happy to welcome guests to their workshops and to lend their help and expertise when attending. Visitors can take part in everything from painting, glass blowing and pottery!

Wherever you are in Devon, you’ll find a gallery, artists’ workshop or museum all happy to show off the heritage and culture that Devon is famous for.