Adventure, Theme & Water Parks in Devon

Devon loves to entertain its visitors and locals, so you'll find plenty of things to get the blood pumping, including a host of award winning theme and adventure parks! These are perfect for a family day out, each one, whether you go for a large or small park, provide a range of activities designed to entertain a variety of ages. There are a host of rides, from the more gentle and sedate to the ones that will get your blood pumping. If you want a day out that involves activity as well as relaxation, then a Devon theme park is a great choice. You’ll often find indoor soft play and outdoor play areas as well as gentle mini-train rides and art and craft activities on offer.

Facilities for everyone

Devon's theme and adventure parks have everything you need onsite for a fun day out, with refreshments available at restaurants and cafés, you never have to spend too long away from the action, lots of seating for a quick rest and additional activities during the school holidays, whatever your age, you'll be entertained for your entire trip, Some parks even have adjoining accommodation, so you can keep the adventures going into the next day! 

Fun whatever the weather

Whatever the weather, you can have fun at a theme and adventure park - there are rides perfect for summer days and even indoor play areas, so if the weather is against you, the fun doesn't have to stop. Theme parks here also make sure that they are as accessible as possible, so everyone can enjoy themselves. Make sure to speak to the park or check out their accessibility statements on their websites to find out the latest disabled features.