What's On in Honiton

There are a wide range of activities and events taking place in Honiton for you to enjoy all year around. The museum offers a variety of lace making workshops allowing you to immerse yourself in the town’s history, while other local attractions have themed events and activities during the school holidays.  

Over 800 years of hot pennies 

One of the most unique things you can do when in Honiton is visiting during the annual Hot Pennies Day. A tradition in the town, this ceremony has been taking place for over 800 years and celebrates the town being given a royal charter which allowed it to hold its first ever market. Now, every year, the local pubs throw warm pennies out of their windows onto the street for passers-by to pick up. It dates back to a rather cruel activity where the landed gentry would heat up pennies until they were too hot to touch and would then throw them to the poor people who looked after the land. Apparently, they would enjoy watching their subjects burning themselves as they tried to collect the coins. Thankfully, the pennies are now only slightly warmed, so there are no risks of injury!  

If you happen to be Honiton in July when the ceremony takes place, keep your ears open for the Town Crier, who starts the proceedings.  

While away the hours with some classical music 

Honiton is also home to the Honiton Festival, which was founded in the 1980s and aims to bring classical music to the region. New and established talent in the British classical music scene gather together every year to perform and celebrate classical music at a range of venues and events throughout the festival.