Food & Drink in Brixham

If you’re in Brixham and you don’t stop for fish and chips, where you really there? Brixham is most famous for being a hive of fishing and the majority of the fresh seafood that is supplied around Devon comes into this port. As such, grabbing fish and chips along the sea front and looking out at the ocean is a favourite past time for many visitors to Brixham.

Not just about the fish

While Brixham has a reputation for having some of the best seafood restaurants in Devon, there are plenty of other things available on the town’s menus to take your fancy and it is becoming increasingly more popular among foodies.
The eateries in the town use as much fresh, locally sourced produce as possible so the menus are all seasonal and full of great flavour.  Whether you’re in the market for something a la carte, something casual or something light, you won’t be disappointed by the food on offer here.

Something for the whole family

While there are a number of adult only accommodation options in and around Brixham, it is also a haven for those looking for a family friendly holiday or day trip. The English Riviera is well known for being a popular seaside resort and has been since the Victorian age, so you’ll find that there is not only a selection of brilliant hotels for you to choose from but also a wide range of attractions and of course, restaurants and eateries that cater for the whole family. From smaller portion sizes to menus dedicated entirely to child-friendly fare, you can guarantee a great family meal while in Brixham. The kids won’t be the only one who will be wanting to leave room for dessert. Devon is famous for its fruit and dairy, particularly, its cream, custard and ice cream. Of course, the eateries in Brixham will want to further convince you that this really is the best cream in the country, giving you the best locally made products, so try to sample as much as possible and make sure to ask for extra cream, custard and ice cream with your afters!

This part of south Devon is known for being the real hub of Britain’s seafood industry and you’ll find world famous chefs opening restaurants dedicated to showcasing the very best that the fisherman of Brixham can offer. Here is where you’ll find one of the famous Rockfish restaurant which not only is renowned for its incredible menus (which even includes vegan and gluten free options) but has one of the best views in the whole of Brixham.

You don’t have to limit yourself to Rockfish for a good view of the town, several of Brixham’s premier restaurants can be found in the harbour and they all boast of terrific views out towards Lyme Bay.

Being part of the English Riviera, Brixham is blessed with a mild climate and has an almost Mediterranean atmosphere, giving you plenty of reason to want to dine alfresco. Many of the restaurants and eateries offer this as an option giving you the chance to indulge in glorious food while not missing a moment of sunshine and sea air.