Ashburton is an ancient stannary town which dates back to Saxon times and is surrounded by glourious scenery. Due to its location, it is the place for visitors who are interested in doing something active, whether that is gentle exercise or something more intense.

Gateway to Dartmoor

Ashburton lies on the southern edge of Dartmoor in the heart of the stunning south Devon countryside. It is a gateway to Dartmoor and is also an ideal place to base yourself for exploring the whole region.

The open countryside means it offers many opportunities for walking, pony trekking, canoeing, fishing and exploring. There are a great many options for anyone wanting to try their hand at a variety of sports and enjoy some interesting rural locations. The town also has a sports centre where visitors can enjoy the facilities.

Welcoming and hospitable 

The town has a reputation for its many pubs, inns and coaching houses and is a popular place to grab a bite to eat and drink. Many of the pubs in the area are historical and stand alongside newer establishments, such as tea shops, restaurants and other shops. The buildings in Ashburton are particularly interesting and hint at the town’s past. The high street is adorned with galleries, book shops and antique shops, it’s the perfect place for finding a unique item or for browsing.

As the town was bypassed by the railway, it has only seen a surge in popularity since the 1950s which means that it still has a lot of charm and character from a simpler time, giving its visitors a chance to escape from their everyday urban lives.

Like many of Devon’s historical towns, there are a number of unusual ceremonies that take place in Ashburton. The town still celebrates events that stem from the days of being a stannary town, including the ale tasting and bread weighing ceremony that takes place in July. The town is also home to a museum that covers the history of mining and wool processing in the town and will answer any questions you might have about the history of the area.

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