What's On in Ilfracombe

Home to a number of attractions including the famous Tunnel Beaches, Ilfracombe is a wonderful town in the north of Devon with a stunning coastline and a whole host of festivals and events which take place through the year.

Cultural hub

In recent years Ilfracombe has been gaining a reputation as the culinary and cultural hub of this area of Devon so naturally, there are a range of food festivals for you to enjoy as well as Ilfracombe Fish Trail which allows visitors to take a tour around the bustling harbour, often with a theme to the walk to highlight certain seasons or additions to the town’s bustling calendar of events. The Big Lunch is one of the bigger events that highlights the town’s commitment to high quality local produce. The event is organised yearly by the Friends of Fore Street, the town’s culinary hot spot, and features everything from food to live music with a focus on sharing and caring.

Centre for arts and crafts 

In addition to being a hub for those that like their food, Ilfracombe is a great place to visit for art fans. It is home to Verity, a sculpture created by Damien Hirst as well as boasting several galleries and museums featuring exhibitions from a mix of local and international artists. Because of this local appreciation for the arts, there are regular art trails, festivals and other creative events that are hosted in the town.

One place that you can catch regularly scheduled events is the Landmark Theatre where you can attend vintage festivals, live music performances, theatre shows and of course drama, comedy and children’s events.

Ilfracombe is a busy town all year around. Whenever you visit, you’ll find something for everyone, no matter what your tastes or interests. It is a wonderful place to base yourself if you’re looking for a family holiday destination, as many of the town’s events and attractions have a family friendly focus that makes them suitable for all ages and abilities.

A firm favourite is the Grand Victorian and Steampunk Festival, formerly known as the Ilfracombe Victorian Steampunk Celebration which takes in both the town’s art connections and its history of being a Victorian seaside resort. Regular events as part of the festival include a Time Travellers Ball, Paranormal Evenings with a strong focus on contacting those from the Victorian Era and Suffragette Marches. Of course, visitors are encouraged to get creative and dress up in their best steampunk inspired outfits.

With its long tradition of being a premier seaside resort, you’ll find that Ilfracombe is a hive of beach related events, including an annual regatta and yacht racing just off the coast. Other regular events include those focusing on different sports which are open to competitors from all over, so whether you are into running, swimming or both, there are a number of events for you to get involved with during your visit. The Big Lunch is another annual event that tends to draw in crowds as do the multitude of themed events that take place in the winter months.