Food & Drink in Ashburton

As the largest town within the Dartmoor National Park, Ashburton has a host of restaurants, cafes and pubs within its centre for you to enjoy during your visit. A former stannery and famous for the now lost Ashburton Pop, there is plenty of history and culture to enjoy in the town. Ashburton Pop for instance is believed to have been a type of local champagne, which was popular in the 1700s, though the original recipe was lost with the brewer before the turn of the century and hasn’t been successfully recreated.  

Even without Ashburton Pop, it is still a lively and interesting place to stop for refreshments.  

Food and drink with character 

The town is known for its local pubs, many of which are historical and create a stunning contrast alongside some of the newer establishments. Being located within the Dartmoor National Park, Ashburton is known for the quality of its locally grown food and drink.   

Whether you are looking for take aways to enjoy at your accommodation or on the go or a sit down meal covering a range of cuisines, you’re never too far away from your new favourite dish in Ashburton. With local, independent kitchens creating everything from chocolate to gin to cafes, restaurants and pubs serving all your familiar favourites, this is the ideal place to stop off for dinner while exploring the Dartmoor National Park.