Afternoon Tea in Devon

We all know Devon is famous for its Cream Tea, but that isn't where the culinary magic ends - why not try a local Afternoon Tea for a truly extravagant experience? 

Afternoon Tea or Cream Tea? 

Afternoon Tea was invented by a Duchess who felt like there was too long a wait between lunch and dinner and would have her staff bring her and her guests plates of sandwiches, little cakes and lots of cups of tea. While we know that a cream tea with that delicious locally sourced cream and home made jam is a really special treat, there is something very indulgent about an Afternoon Tea, especially if you're going for a special occasion. 

If you do get jam, cream and scones with your Afternoon Tea, make sure you still follow the Devon way of eating them! 

Tea for everyone

From traditional tea to wine and champagne options, there is an Afternoon Tea to suit every taste and budget in Devon - even gluten free and vegan options. 

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