Fast Food & Takeaways in Devon

If you've come to Devon on holiday, chances are you don't want to have to prepare your food - you're on holiday after all! Whether you're feeling peckish and looking over your self-catering properties' kitchen debating what you want to eat or if you are out and about enjoying the wonderful places to visit and things to do, keep your eyes peeled for these take aways and fast food places. Just because it is fast food doesn't mean it can't be good food after all! 

Lots of choice 

We've lots of great fast food producers and takeaways - some are well known chains and you'll find all your favourites here on that front. But many more are owned and run by individuals who also take a huge pride in the quality of the food they serve - and when you find one of those you'll be back time and again.

Take a look below to find excellent takeaways serving fish and chips, pizzas, kebabs, and many more cuisines