Food & Drink in Woolacombe

Devon has an amazing reputation for its local produce and the wide array of ingredients that come from the surrounding coast and farmland and North Devon is no exception. From local sea food to Ruby Red Beef and food foraged from the moor and the farms that exist around the more rural areas, the dishes that feature at restaurants in this region are really something to experience. Woolacombe has a wide variety of restaurants each offering something different, but all have one thing in common: the quality of the produce that makes up their dishes.

Wide choice of cuisine

Fancy a pizza? A curry? Sweet and sour chicken? Thai mackerel? Well, you’re in luck. Experience tastes from around the world without having to leave Woolacombe. The restaurants in the village offer cuisine from around the world made with the very best ingredients sourced locally. There are a range of different options for you, including takeaway and sit in dining. If you’re in a group and you all fancy something different, there are restaurants offering a range of worldwide cuisines on their menus, so no one needs to compromise.

Due to its popularity as a family-friendly destination, there are an abundance of restaurants in Woolacombe that cater to families. Whether you want somewhere informal where you can take the children after a day at the beach, somewhere with additional play areas to keep them entertained between courses or somewhere with all their familiar favourites on the menu, you won’t be short of choices. If you’re staying in Woolacombe for a few days and you’ve opted for a self-catering property, you will find that there is enough choice for you to go somewhere different every night. If you are booked into a hotel, make sure to check if they have an onsite restaurant. These are often a good choice for families, especially if you want to stick to a set bedtimes. As you’ll likely be staying in a hotel that caters for families, these menus will also be appealing to the children and the parents can make use of the bar area and other hotel facilities – everyone is happy!

As well as being a haven for families, Woolacombe is an excellent destination for those wanting to bring their dogs on holiday and this is reflected in many of the attractions and accommodation providers. You’ll also find a number of dog friendly eateries who are happy for you to bring your dog along and even offer menus for them too!

Vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian… Something for everyone!

With the raise in the awareness of food intolerances and also the vast array of different diets that are available now, you’ll find that it is very easy to deviate from the usual dietary requirements while on holiday in Devon. In Woolacombe you’ll find that both chain and independent restaurants offer dishes that are dairy free, gluten free or free from other allergens. This is often in addition to having separate menus that highlights their vegan or gluten free dishes. Many of the smaller, independent restaurants make their meals to order and are happy to substitute ingredients for you, just remember to let them know before hand so they can eliminate and cross contamination.

While we’re on the subject of something for everyone, Woolacombe’s restaurants are hugely diverse, you’ll find options for a wide range of occasions, tastes and budgets, so whether you are planning a surprise party and want some award-winning fine dining or you’re planning to grab a quick bite with friends before moving on and want somewhere casual, you’ll easily find somewhere that suits your needs.