Food & Drink in Kingsbridge

A meal out in Kingsbridge allows you to fully appreciate the incredible local produce that this region of Devon is well known for. 

You’ll find Kingsbridge in the South Hams area, which is home to stunning scenery and some of the best local food producers in the south west. This area of Devon is full of familiar names including Salcombe Gin, which is available at a whole host of restaurants and other eateries in Kingsbridge.

Seafood Central

Like most of the towns and villages in south Devon, Kingsbridge is a hot spot for incredible sea food dishes. With much of the produce coming from the estuary or from neighbouring Salcombe, it is not only fresh, but also low in food miles. Choose from fresh fish, lobster, crab, crayfish, mussels and more at a whole host of local restaurants and eateries, many of them will even say exactly where in the south of Devon your dinner has come from, so you can choose from Brixham Shellfish or fish from the estuary itself

The seafood here might be delicious, but we also know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, if you’re not a big fan of shellfish or seafood, don’t panic, there are plenty of things for you to choose from too. The surrounding landscape is perfect for growing crops and rearing meat so whatever you fancy for dinner, you can enjoy something locally produced and then locally created right here in the Kingsbridge area

Make sure to leave room for dessert

It might be a bit of a challenge to leave room for some dessert when you see what is on offer on the main menus, but make sure to give it a try. Devon is famous for its dairy products, particularly cream, custard, ice cream and of course, cheese, so give the menu a peruse and make sure to ask for extra custard or cream on your sweet treats.

Cuisine for all over the world

When it comes to choosing somewhere to go for dinner, it can be tricky to narrow down exactly what you fancy. Luckily, in Kingsbridge, there are a whole host of restaurants offering a wide range or cuisine from across the world on their menus, so whether you are in the mood for Italian, Indian, Middle Eastern or good old traditional British fare, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. You can either choose to go for one of the themed restaurants that focuses on a particular cuisine or choose somewhere with a big selection so that everyone gets the meal that they want.
There has been growing awareness for allergies and intolerances in recent years and the restaurants and eateries in Kingsbridge have made a conscious effort to make sure that they have options for everyone. Vegans and vegetarians will also find plenty of options and if you follow a gluten free, sugar free or low calorie diet, the restaurants here will also be able to cater to you.

Kingsbridge is in a really beautiful part of the world, so choosing to dine here in the summer months will give you some incredible views of the estuary and the gorgeous surrounding countryside. It is known locally as being a haven for walkers and ramblers, so you can work up an appetite by exploring the many local walking trails before settling down in one of the many restaurants to refresh.