Family Friendly Devon

Since the Victorian era, Devon has been known for being a great family friendly destination for holidays and day trips. Whether you are looking for theme parks, farm attractions, zoos, aquariumsparks ... you'll find something for everyone. With the chance to go rock climbing on Dartmoor, heart pounding rides at a theme park, surfing in North Devon or just about anything else you can think of, Devon is the destination for family holidays. 

Even those attractions that aren't necessarily 'aimed' at children, are still very good at keeping their smaller visitors happy and amused. They often go above and beyond to make sure that there's something for them too, espeically during the school holidays where you can find additional activities, work shops and interactive exhibtions across the county's museums, galleries and historic buildings.

Read on for a taste of what you can expect in Devon! 

Things to do with toddlers in Devon

With a host of natural attractions to help you show off the wonders of the natural world, dedicated play centres and some of the largest soft play centres in the south west, there is plenty of things to do with the toddlers in Devon. From lovely animal attractions, like farm parks, zoos and aquariums to places you can ride a tram or a steam train, you can really invoke your toddler's curiosity here. 

Things to do with teenagers in Devon

Did you know Devon is home to several theme and adventure parks offering a host of different rides? You'll find some of the biggest rides in the south west in the county and all of them are great fun for the whole family, whether you're travelling with little kids, big kids or even elderly kids! If you dare, take on water slides or race each other across the park, there are indoor play areas for if the whether turns and some parks even have a selection of animal residents that you can befriend while you're there. Some of them even off the chance to do a spot of sheep or pig racing! That's not all - with interactive escape rooms, chances to head out on the waves and just about everything else you can think of, Devon is a haven for teens, tweens and big kids alike! 

Get active in Devon

For some, there is nothing better than running around a park or garden and there are plenty around Devon for you to walk around, cycle through or play in dedicated play areas. There are often some amazing facilities right next door where you can pick up refreshments and they are a great option for the outdoorsy types that like to spend time in nature. It isn't just the National Parks or landscaped gardens that make Devon a good family destination - the region isn't known for being Mother Nature's Playground for nothing! You can check out opportunities to to take on assault courses or the waves with some watersports or any other adventure activities - find out more here. 

Take a look at what's below and start planning your family break in Devon