Buckfast Abbey is thrilled to announce the completion of Phase II, unveiling the opening of the Crafts section within The Green Hub - Gardens and Crafts initiative. This newly launched Crafts section is envisioned as a dynamic social hub where local artists can engage with curious visitors, offering insights into their artistic endeavours.

Designed as an interactive space, the Crafts section invites guests to participate in morning group visits, providing an opportunity to observe artists in action and engage in conversations about their artistic process and motivations. These sessions aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for local craftsmanship. Additionally, afternoon courses will be available to support the growth and development of local crafts, encouraging aspiring artists to refine their skills within this nurturing environment.

The enthusiasm for this project is reflected in the overwhelming interest shown by 30 artists who are eager to exhibit their work in The Green Hub. Their participation underscores the vibrant and diverse creative community that Buckfast Abbey seeks to cultivate within this innovative space.

Philip Arkwright, CEO of Buckfast Abbey reiterated the significance of this expansion, stating, "With Phase II now complete and the Crafts section open, we are excited to provide a platform for local artists to connect with our visitors. The morning group visits and afternoon courses aim to create an enriching experience, encouraging dialogue and skill development within our vibrant artistic community.”

The integration of the Crafts section marks an important milestone in Buckfast Abbey's commitment to providing an engaging, educational, and sustainable environment for both visitors and local artists.

Phase I of the The Green Hub, the Gardens section has surpassed all expectations, resonating profoundly with visitors seeking an immersive connection with nature. Its success lies not only in its beauty but also in its ability to engage visitors with informative experiences, where the passionate gardening team share valuable insights into sustainable methods used at the Abbey. The overwhelmingly positive response from visitors has reinforced the Abbey's commitment to preserving nature while offering an educational and enchanting escape for all who explore its flourishing gardens.

Buckfast Abbey cordially invites journalists and media representatives to attend the grand opening of The Green Hub - Gardens and Crafts 11am on Friday 8 December 2023. Immerse yourselves in a captivating experience that combines nature, art, and sustainable living, while witnessing the Abbey's unwavering dedication to supporting local artists.

Buckfast Abbey is conveniently located midway between Exeter and Plymouth, just off the A38. Home to a community of Benedictine monks, the Abbey offers a unique, tranquil ambience, and is open seven days a week to the public. For more information on Buckfast Abbey visit https://www.buckfast.org.uk.

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