We all know Dartmoor is an incredible place to get some fresh air – there are loads of walking routes, activity centres and more to enjoy and when we say there is something for everyone, we mean it – Dartmoor is home to a variety of accessible routes that are suitable for all.

The Dartmoor National Park has teamed up with the Miles Without Stiles initiative to create stie free routes around the park, making them suitable for people with limited mobility, those using mobility aids or families with young children or older relatives who want to enjoy the moor. All the routes assessed by Miles Without Stiles have individual gradings, so you know just how accessible each one is. Each route has also been categorised by Disabled Ramblers, so you know that they have been tested and will be suitable for visitors of all ages and abilities.

So far there are six main accessible routes around Dartmoor, including:


Longtimber Woods (distance 2km)

Graded as suitable for most by Miles Without Stiles and as Level 1 by Disabled Ramblers

This route follows a sheltered river and has a gentle gradient and wide, gravel surfaces. From the start point at the top of Station Road, it is only 1km to the picnic area where you will find information boards. From there, return following the same path.

Haytor Quarry (distance 2km)

Graded as suitable for most and as category level 2/3 by Disabled Ramblers

This route follows a linear path and features some road crossings and a gentle uphill track. There are some narrow and steep sections once you reach the quarry. Start at Haytor middle car park and follow the track on the opposite side of the road. Once you’ve reached the tramway, you can return via the same way.

Shipley Bridge to Avon Dam (distance 4km)

Graded as suitable for all and as category level 1 by Disabled Ramblers

This route has a gentle gradient with a wide, tarmac road and is sheltered for much of it. There are disabled public toilets next to car park at Shipley Bridge. Start here and follow the route towards the Avon Dam. There are two picnic areas, which offer good spots for a rest. Once you have reached the dam, you can return via the same route.

Princetown to Nun’s Cross (distance 8km or for a shorter version, 3km)

Graded as suitable for most and as category level 2/3 by Disabled Ramblers

Suitable for most, this route can either be followed in its entirety or shortened, whichever best suits you. The path will take you across a gravel surface and a small bridge. Start off at Princetown car park and cross the road. For the shorter route, stop at South Hessary Tor and return following the path. Alternatively, continue on to Nun’s Cross over the moor and then return on the same path.

Okehampton Military Ring Road (distance 10km)

Graded as suitable for some and as category level 3 by Disabled Ramblers

Some of the terrain on this route is a little hilly and there is a ford to cross, it will also take you close to some of the highest points in southern England. Make sure to check whether or not there are red flags flying before setting out as this route falls within an active military training area and will be unusable when operations are taking place. If you see a red flag, come again another day!

Start the route at Sandpits/ Rowtor car park and follow the track to your right before crossing a bridge and following a brook upstream. From here, follow the route, which is circular towards the Ford and then back around to return to the car park.

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