According to recent data conducted by Pitchup, Devon is the second most popular destination in the UK for glamping, coming three places above our neighbours, Cornwall.

Outdoor camping site, Pitchup, has revealed that glamping searches have increased by 14% year on year, especially since the pandemic where Britain has seen a boom in staycations. Glamping provides a luxurious alternative to camping – making it the best compromise for people who want the charm of a traditional British camping holiday without having to sacrifice real beds and running water, so it is no wonder that it is fast becoming one of the most popular options for Brits wanting to stay in the UK for their holidays.

The research has revealed that Devon’s glamping sites have only been beaten by Cumbria. The top five are: Cumbria, Devon, North Yorkshire, Dorset and then Cornwall. Pitchup has said that Devon’s glamping sites account for 8.25% of all glamping bookings on the site, which is six times higher than the average.

Sorry Cornwall, it looks like that as well as the cream tea, we do glamping better too!