If you’re coming to Devon in 2023, you’ll be able to enjoy a host of world cuisine done the Devon way, along with a host of local delicacies that you have to try! Here are some of our favourite Devon dishes that you should add to your list.

Devonshire Cream Tea

Naturally this had to be first on the list, the concept of a cream tea was invented in Devon. It is thought that it originated in Tavistock where monks would create home made jam and clotted cream which they served with something known as a Devon Split – a precursor of a scone. You can find Cream Tea on offer all over the county, just make sure to eat it the Devon way, with the cream first!

Devonshire pasties

Ok so you might think that pasties are Cornish and they do have a Protected Geographical Indication status but actually the first recorded pasty recipe originated in Devon! The earliest recipe can be traced back to Plymouth, which is definitely in Devon! It dates back to 1510 and actually, there are some differences between the pasties found in Devon and in Cornwall, it’s all in the crimping, so make sure to look next time you have one to see if they’re done the Devon way or not.

Hog’s Pudding

You might struggle to find this one, it’s a traditional dish from the region that is mostly lost to history, but you can still find it in certain places around the county. Hog’s Pudding is a sausage like food but in a patty shape. At one time it was hugely popular.


If you’re in the West Country you’ll know that cider is a huge part of the region’s culinary importance. Known as the Nectar of the Gods, you can find cider across the south west and many of the pubs, bars and restaurants have local brews on tap. If you visit Devon during January, you might even catch a Wassail – a traditional festival where local people ward off evil spirits from orchards to ensure a good apple harvest and therefore more cider!


Did you know one of the oldest gin distilleries in the UK is located in Devon? They are still working to this day and continue to make their gin to the traditional recipe. Bottles of gin created in Plymouth were even sent off to America when the Mayflower departed!

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips may have originated in London’s East End but has been popular in Devon for centuries because of the coast. Fishing has always been a huge part of the region’s industry and locally caught fish alongside chips has been a firm favourite for generations. If you’re visiting one of Devon’s sea side towns, make sure to stop off for fish and chips and experience the true taste of Devon.

Crab sandwiches

Similarly, to above, while they might not have originated in Devon, there is nothing quite like a freshly prepared, locally sourced crab sandwich and in Devon, we do it better than anywhere else. South Devon is particularly well known for the quality of their crab sandwiches and you’ll find it on menus around the county.

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