There are plenty of things you can’t do in Devon right now, you can’t congregate in large groups or go to the pub, but did you know that you also can’t fly a kite on Dartmoor? Well now you do! There are a number of old laws that are technically still in force across Devon, but thankfully, they don’t carry jail sentences any more.

So, the kite thing.
Apparently there is still a law in existence that says you are not able to fly a kite or any other flying type toy while visiting Dartmoor. The theory behind this is that by flying a kite/glider/airplane you could startle livestock and other wildlife. So, make sure to leave the kite at home next time you visit Dartmoor.

You are also not allowed to be in possession of a salmon, particularly if you are in the Taw/Torridge area. This law is to protect the salmon and trout of the river and the law states that you are not to sell, offer or expose to sell or have in possession for sale any salmon or migratory trout which has been taking by rod and line. Any salmon that is over 70cm that is caught by fisherman throughout the months of August and September have to be returned to the river.

While you might spot a few people using skateboards or rollerskates to get from A to B, make sure to be on the look out for anyone doing so in Newton Abbot. It’s not allowed! You’re also not allowed to wash your car on Dartmoor… Though why anyone would is beyond us!

So there you have it, a few things to bear in mind for when travel to Devon is possible, no kites, no skateboards and definitely no salmon!