Diggerland might be one of the best known family friendly attractions in Devon but did you know there are a host of experiences suitable for adults too? If you fancy having a go at driving some diggers and even having a race, take a look at some of these great experiences and book your visit today!

At Devon’s Diggerland site, one of the most popular experiences for adults is the Monster Digger Experience - if you’d rather go hard or go home, then you need the Monster Digger in your life. You won’t feel any other satisfaction like this! 

Getting into the cab of a 22 tonne machine, anyone will feel absolutely tiny. Quite literally being inside this humongous machine and having total control over it is a powerful experience. 

Using a digger bucket that weighs more than a Fiat 500 is a little disconcerting. If you crash that bucket to the ground it will make a huge thud, as well as lift your machine which is quite unnerving. This is why you need to have complete control and patience. It’s no easy task but you will get there and when you do believe us when we say it is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Unearth your inner machine operator and marvel when you watch a tonne of earth fall from your bucket onto a gratifying mound. 

This is a one to one experience with an instructor, although you can bring spectators who are welcome to watch from the viewing area.

This activity brings lots of satisfaction when completed correctly. Or embarrassment if you draw a blank and realize that getting a MONSTER digger to dig isn’t as simple as it appeared on the tin. In this one-to-one experience, your expert instructor will be on hand to guide you at all times. However for the more demanding tasks some instinct and judgement is required – qualities that can only be acquired by taking charge of the wheel.

Available at Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire, the MONSTER Digger Experience is like nothing you have done before!

This is our biggest and most incredible experience yet It is ideal for any digger fan looking for something different!

The Monster Digger Experience is available at any time subject to date and daylight hours on a one to one basis. We recommend you take part on a day in which the Diggerland Theme Park is open to the public. This allows you to get the most out of your day.

This Experience includes admission for 1 additional person to enjoy the thrills at Diggerland on the same day as you participate in your Experience.

You must be over 17 to take part in this experience.

Find out more about what is on offer at Diggerland and book your tickets today here.