Salcombe Regis Tree Trail


One of a series of the local trails produced by Sidmouth Arboretum, the Salcombe Regis Tree Trail is a delightful three and a half mile walk via the picturesque village of Salcombe Regis. This enchanting trail, which includes some moderate hills, winds its way through a diverse landscape, offering visitors an opportunity to connect with the region's rich tree heritage.

The trail takes you up and over Salcombe Hill with breathtaking views on the way.  There is a chance to visit the historic church with its tree collection, and to walk the route taken by local farmers on their way to the manor mill hundreds of years ago.  At various points, there is pop up information about the trees and the area. 

The paths are well maintained in summer, but can be muddy in places during other seasons, so appropriate footwear is a consideration.  The Salcombe Regis Tree Trail provides a serene and informative escape into the heart of nature, making it a must-visit destination for both nature enthusiasts and curious wanderers alike.