Shooting in North Devon

Shooting doesn’t have to mean trekking about on the moor hunting animals, it also takes in indoor centres with targets and clay shoots, as well as seasonal shoots that take you out into the beautiful countryside. As one of the UK's oldest sports, you'll find lots of versions of the activity and with all the different practices and organisations offering sessions all over North Devon, it is something that everyone can get involved in.  

Whatever kind of shooting you want to get involved with, North Devon is a great place to do it. The varied landscape lends itself well to the sport and the various trips will take you to some pretty incredible places. The region also has a number of indoor activity centres that have shooting ranges, so whatever the weather and however you feel about target practice, there is something for you.

Curious and want to try?

If you haven’t ever been shooting before and want to give it a try, it is easy to find an organisation to test out your skills with experienced instructors who are able to show you the basics in a completely safe environment. For many, air rifles and pistols are their first introduction to the sport and there are several facilities in North Devon that can show you the ropes, both indoors and out in the wild. While generally speaking, visitors of all ages are welcome to these kind of ranges, each one has their own policy on the youngest age of their guests, so make sure to speak to the individual organisation before travelling, in case they are unable to offer training to children.

Clay pigeon shooting

It is often thought that shooting is something that involves live prey and this can put a lot of people off, but that isn’t always the case. While there are opportunities to go pheasant shooting, the most popular shoot in Devon is clay pigeon shooting. This shoot is perfect for anyone of any ability and with the wide range of shooting grounds, you can experience a real variety of environments. Clay Pigeon shoots are organised events and the coaches and guides are happy to show you the ropes and provide all the equipment you need, so you don’t need to worry.

If live game is more your thing, there are legal shoots taking place all over North Devon and with the diverse landscape on offer, this is one of the best places in the UK for shooting, you can make it a real adventure.

Solo or group – up to you!

Shooting can be a great way to amuse yourself if you’re in the region by yourself for a meeting or a solo holiday but it is also a fun group activity, ideal for those looking for something to add to their team building or stag/hen do itineraries. Many centres offer group sessions for people who want to take part in a group shoot and there are also sessions available for families who want to introduce their children to shooting. As with all organisations, make sure you check when booking as each company has their own policy when it comes to the age of participants.

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