Horse Riding in North Devon

If you’re looking for an adventure break in North Devon, horse riding is a great activity to add to your itinerary. There are stables and tour guides all over the region that can arrange for you to spend a day out and about exploring with some beautiful horses. Whether you want to ride around the open scenery on the moor or travel around the towns, there is something for everyone.

Has it always been your dream to gallop along an empty beach or canter through the surf? With its wild landscape, North Devon is the perfect destination for those wanting to enjoy horse riding as part of their break.

Whether you’re a novice or someone who rides all the time, there are plenty of experienced riders in the region who will be happy to accompany you out on an adventure and many of the local riding schools have horses that can be loaned out for a few hours so you can really get a feel for the landscape.

Riding holidays in North Devon

If you’re a keen rider, you’ll love exploring North Devon on horseback. Not only do you have lush green spaces, an entire moor, coastal areas and of course, an abundance of trails and pathways to choose from, but there are plenty of opportunities to tailor your whole break around horse riding.

In this region of Devon, you’ll find several accommodation providers offering breaks centred around this particular activity with a full programme designed to fit you and your confidence, as well as the horses that they have at hand. Some accommodation might not have their own horses or riding centres onsite, but will have arrangements with nearby stables, so finding the right horse will be simple.

One area that is a must for anyone who loves being out in the wild is Exmoor. The moor on the Devon/Somerset border is a truly beautiful area of the UK and exploring it on horseback is a really special experience. Immerse yourself in the world of epics such as Lorna Doone and really get to grips with North Devon’s rustic and historical charm. Of course, if you’re visiting this region you’ll know that there are a number of wild horses and ponies living on the moor, but don’t forget that these animals aren’t trained, so don’t attempt to saddle any of them. Always go to a stable or a riding school.

See the sights from the saddle

If you’re someone that likes the idea of going on a horse ride, but you aren’t an experienced rider or don’t feel confident being in charge of the reigns yourself, make sure to take a look at some of the services offered by stables and riding schools in the region. Some of them will take you on tranquil trips around the countryside where you can be a passenger and enjoy the sights from a carriage or cart. Places like Clovelly where there is no access to vehicles rely on donkeys and horses to transport goods around the village and there are a number of people offering rides without you having to be in control – perfect for those that want to spend their time sightseeing instead of keeping an eye on the horse!

So next time you’re in North Devon, why not make it a real adventure by discovering the region’s scenery, quaint thatched cottages, beautiful wildlife and our golden sandy beaches from horseback.

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