Farm Shops, Delis and Food Markets

North Devon's Delis and Farmers' Markets are the perfect places to go if you’re on the hunt for picnic items. You’ll find everything from bread, cheese, sweets, salads and even vegan and gluten free options. Some of the region’s Delis also have seating and offer a café service, so you can while away the hours and enjoy some delightful food at the same time.

Farmers’ markets take place across North Devon throughout the year and are a great way to stock up on local produce. You’ll find everything at these markets from fruit and veg to cakes and everything in between! You can find out when the next food events are taking place across the region here.

Farmers’ markets are a great way to source the best local produce and get to know the many artisan food and drink ‘heroes’ the area is so lucky to have.

The diversity and quality of the produce at our Farmers’ markets is impressive. Stock up on local delights to produce a delicious holiday meal or take home a delectable gift for a friend, all in the knowledge that you are supporting the local area and reducing food miles.

Going to a Farmers’ Market in North Devon isn’t just a trip to pick up essentials though, it’s a whole experience as many of them take place in the region’s historic Pannier Markets. These market structures are found all over Devon and take their name from the panniers, which were once used to carry the goods to and from the market. In North Devon, there are several of these structures still holding regular markets, including those in Bideford, Torrington and South Molton, with Barnstaple’s being the biggest.

Pannier Markets

The market at Barnstaple has always historically been the major market in the North of Devon since Saxon times. It runs the length of Butcher’s Row from the High Street to Boutpart Street and is still one of the most visited areas of the town. These days it isn’t just Farmers’ Markets that take place within Barnstaple’s Pannier Market, you can find markets that cover a variety of themes depending on the day and the time of year.

Nearby in Bideford, the Pannier Market has been the place to go for local produce since the 1200s. For a smaller option, head to the Pannier Market in Great Torrington which features 12 indoor shops and is housed in a Grade 2 listed building. The South Molton Pannier Market is also still running, though a market is only present on certain days of the week. The stalls are manned by local businesses offering everything from locally grown foods and locally made items including jewellery and clothing.

Drop into a Deli

It isn’t just markets that are offering the very best in locally produced food and other items, so are the region’s delicatessens.
Like we said, Delicatessens, or Delis, are full of fine food and people with a real passion for showing off the high quality of produce from the region. Many of the Delis in North Devon feature local brands and food straight from farmers and producers as well as the chance for you to make your own salads, sandwiches and hampers made up with from all your favourite treats.