Fish & Chips in North Devon

Fish and chips might have originated in the East End of London, but I think we can all agree that there is nothing quite like the smell of sea air while you’re queuing for your portion of chips. The whole act of fighting off sea gulls and sitting on the beach while covering your chips in whatever condiment you choose (no judgement here!) is something very special and quintessentially British. Luckily, in North Devon, there is something for everyone, no matter how you like to eat your chips

Fish, Chips and the sea, a winning combination

You can’t take a trip to the coast without indulging in a portion of fish and chips, especially when you are surrounded by coastline and hundreds of independent fish and chip restaurants offering you freshly caught fish and locally produced potatoes. If you think the scenario above sounds like the best way to enjoy a portion of chips and battered fish, head to one of the small pop up counters that adorn the sea front, or if you prefer to eat in peace without sea gulls trying to sneak a chip, visit a take away and enjoy them at home. Perhaps you like fish and chips in a more refined setting, in which case, keep your eyes peeled for the various restaurants offering fish and chips – whether you like them the traditional way or you want posh fish and chips, there are a wide choice of establishments.

Fresh, local fish, always

Visitors to North Devon will be amazed by the diverse natural larder, you’ll have locally grown potatoes, none of this canned peas and carrots nonsense and of course, for those of you wanting something a bit more exciting than your regular battered cod, Lundy lobsters and fresh line caught fish.

It doesn’t matter what kind of meal you want, whether it is chips eaten from polystyrene containers on the sea front or beautifully pan fried fish served on a china plate in a bustling restaurant, the fish and chips you find in North Devon are of the highest standard and truly taste amazing.

The food and drink scene in North Devon is an exciting one to investigate and you’re in for a gastronomic treat, whatever you decide to try and wherever you are. Either plan your trip’s refreshments by perusing the various eateries listed here or discover as many as you can by joining in with the North Devon Food Trail. However, you decide to find your next meal, you can be sure to find the perfect place to dull your hunger!