Jurassic Coast Map

jurassic coast map

Stretching over 95 miles and varying in difficulty throughout the route, the Jurassic Coast Walk forms part of the South West Coast Path and is the best way to experience England’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Some of the cliffs and rock formations of the Jurassic Coast date back over 185 million years and in Sidmouth, many of the cliffs can be dated to the Triassic period.

The first leg of the Jurassic Coast Walk starts in Exmouth, where you can find the oldest Triassic rocks, heading into Sidmouth and then continuing on to Seaton and into Dorset where the youngest white chalk rocks can be found.

The route from Sidmouth into Seaton will give you a chance to explore the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty where you can catch sight of peregrine falcons and see a range of wild and plantlife. The parts of the Jurassic Coast you can see in this section of the walk is around 200 million years old!

Sidmouth Highlights