Wild Camping on Exmoor

Wake up every day to a view of mountains, farmland, moors and lakes and lay your head in the wilderness,  camping in the heart of the Exmoor National Park is a wonderful experience that is ideal for families, groups or the braver solo travellers, just make sure you have the permission of the landowners. We all know that camping is one of those quintessential British traditions and there is something very special about sleeping in the wilderness, it adds an air of adventure to your break. Why not make it more exciting by removing the canvas and indulging in a spot of wild camping on Exmoor? If you want a rural adventure which is completely off the grid – this is the perfect solution!

Stay in a National Park

With some of the most unique scenery in the region, it is no wonder why so many people flock to the National Park at Exmoor. The park is full of dramatic vistas and views and such a diverse landscape, you’ll never have the same experience twice. From towering cliffs and rocky beaches to soft heather fields, green valleys, clear waterways and undulating hills making it a challenging and exciting place to explore. 

For a quiet camping experience where you can really return to basics, take a look at the wild camping opportunities on the National Park. In this region you have a whole host of options with everything from farmers’ fields to allocated sites with swimming pools and additional facilities. You don’t even need a tent to camp out in the countryside, keep your eyes peeled for camping barns which can be found dotted around the park. These buildings are converted barns which have a water supply and a sleeping area, so you and your family can roll out your sleeping bags and lay your head in the wild. 

Sleeping under the stars

The majority of camping opportunities on Exmoor are semi-wild and sit in hidden valleys giving you shelter and tranquillity, making them the ideal spot to relax while letting the wildlife of the moor continue around you. There is nothing like sipping your first cup of tea of the day as the sun rises and the trees rustle with birds and nearby creatures. 

The majority of the land in the National Park is privately owned and as such, landowners will need to give their permission before you set up a camping or caravan overnight, regardless of how remote the location might appear. You can find out more about the rules and regulations of wild camping here. 

Exmoor’s National Park is one of Europe’s only Dark Skies Reserves and once the sun sets, you can see the dramatic tapestry of stars against the night sky. This is one of the best places in the UK for star gazing, it is mostly unscathed from the pollution of the neighbouring areas and the peaceful atmosphere gives you a real otherworldly experience. For a truly memorable camping experience, take a moment to escape the everyday and enjoy wild camping on Exmoor. 

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