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There is no better way to truly explore this beautiful town and the surrounding area than on foot. The various footpaths, walking trails and nature ways that you can find around Sidmouth and the Sid Valley will truly give you an idea of the way of life in this part of East Devon and will give you a chance to discover some incredible views and scenic routes around the region.  


Visit the East Devon Natural Landscape (AONB) 

The countryside surrounding Sidmouth and including much of the Sid Valley has been designated a Natural Landscape (AONB). Open to the public, the Natural Landscape features many protected sites and conservation areas that are free to explore on foot or by bike. You’ll find a variety of walking trails and routes that are signposted around the area for you to follow offering a variety of experiences from the gentle to the more challenging.  

Pick up maps and recommendations by visiting the Tourist Information Centre in the town centre.  


The South West Coast Path 

As the longest National Path in the UK, the South West Coast Path offers something new every time you visit. In Sidmouth and the surrounding area, there are various access points allowing you to come and go as you please. While you can easily spend all day following the path, you can choose as long or as short a route as you like and with much of it easily accessible and off road, it is perfect for families with children or those who want something gentler.  

You can find walks in and around Sidmouth along the South West Coast Path here

For a moderately challenging walk, why not follow the Jurassic Coast trail from Sidmouth to Seaton? At just under 9 miles long, this is the perfect walk for those looking for a day trip that takes in some of the most beautiful views of the region.  

The route takes you from Sidmouth towards Salcombe Hill and then over Salcombe Mouth and a climb up Dunscombe Cliff, inland at Weston Mouth and then up again to Coxe’s Cliff which has spectacular views of the coast. You’ll head down to Berry Camp and through National Trust Land to Branscombe, continuing on to the village of Beer and then finishing in Seaton.  

Find more details of this walk online here

Sid Valley Ring

This 13 mile circular walking route is fully signposted and allows you to discover the region’s rich local history. It was launched during the 2019 Sidmouth Walking Festival after being created by Sidmouth Town Council and the Sid Vale Association using existing footpaths around the town. The walk allows you to see around 30 of the region’s top attractions, as well as passing through Sidbury and Salcombe Regis. Download the Sid Valley Ring walk brochure here.

Explore the countryside 

The Sid Valley and the countryside are great places to go for a walk.  

Give the circular walk from Sidmouth to Salcombe Hill a try for a chance to glimpse the region’s wildlife, especially on a warm day. The walk takes you through Sidmouth town centre, the Byes and up towards Salcombe Hill before bringing you back.  

Alternatively, follow one of the pathways signposted through the Byes and Sid Valley  or for more of a challenge take on Peak Hill and Mutter’s Moor where you’ll get to enjoy views of Otter Valley.  

Sidmouth and The Byes is a relatively easy route that takes in open fields and parkland. Just follow the River Sid from the heart of town to explore this hidden gem.  

Peak Hill and Mutter’s Moor is around 3 miles in length and has a few different routes ranging from easy to moderate. Mutter’s Moor has its own car park just outside town near the golf club and during the summer you can catch the Sidmouth Hopper Bus to the moor, making it easy to access. From here you can walk alongside the forest for great views of the coast towards Peak Hill, which you can tackle if you like – generally the route is fairly flat.  

From here you can also enjoy the Mutter’s Moor and Otterton Circular Walk, a seven mile hike that provides a bit of a challenge. You can start off in the carpark at Mutters Moor and follow the route past Peak Hill towards Otterton village.  

Recommended walks:  

  • Sid Valley Walk
  • Sidmouth Town Walk
  • Blue Plaque Trail


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The Salcombe Regis Tree Trail is a delightful natural gem nestled in the picturesque village of Salcombe Regis. This enchanting trail winds its way through a diverse forested landscape, offering visitors a unique opportunity to connect with the region's rich arboreal…

Debuted during the 2019 Sidmouth Walking Festival, the Sid Valley Ring trail was conceived through a collaborative effort between Sidmouth Town Council and the Sid Vale Association, utilising pre-existing footpaths that wind around the town. This thoughtfully marked pathway…