Parks & Gardens in North Devon

North Devon’s temperate climate and diverse landscape has long inspired gardeners and we have a wide variety of beautiful gardens to explore. Many also have play areas for children and cafes or shops/garden centres making them a great place for fun and relaxation. You'll find some lovely parks in most of North Devon towns and villages, as well as some award-winning ones too. They’re fantastic for those who are looking for a fun and inexpensive way to entertain the whole family with activities such as walking, cycling, football - or just sitting down and watching the world go by while enjoying a picnic.

Visit the National Park

Devon has two National Parks and Exmoor happens to sit on the border between North Devon and Somerset. The Exmoor National Park provides a huge array of different landscapes to explore - from blustery clifftops with panoramic views to sheltered flower-filled valleys and of course, the famous ponies, which wander the moor. There is something very special about stumbling across a herd of them, particularly in spring when the foals are taking their first steps.

Being a National Park, Exmoor is free to visit and there is a wealth of information about the wildlife there as well as the many walking and cycling trails available from the park’s information centre. Exmoor has some incredible views as well as being home to a number of plants and animals that are rarely seen elsewhere.

Beautiful landscaped gardens

While Exmoor might be the biggest area of green space in North Devon, there are also a range of beautifully arranged landscaped gardens. Some of the most popular are those owned by trusts. RHS Garden Rosemoor has 65 acres and offers everything from tranquil days out to flower sales to a wedding venue! Arlington Court, which is managed by the National Trust is also located in an incredibly well maintained garden and is a wonderful place for a quick stroll or to take in the beauty of the plants and other wildlife that live there.

Hartland Abbey is another property with a fantastic garden, located in Bideford, this magnificent estate has stunning views over the sea as well as woodland, parkland and a garden to enjoy.

Beautiful whatever the weather

It doesn’t matter whether you are visiting in the height of summer when all the flowers are in bloom or in the middle of winter when the trees have lost their leaves, the parks and gardens that can be found in North Devon retain their beauty throughout the seasons. They’re a fantastic destination for those that want to entertain the whole family without having to pay out. You can enjoy various outside activities including bike rides, walks and playing ball games in these places, plus many of them are dog friendly, so you can bring your four legged friends along with you too.

Most of the towns and villages in North Devon have green spaces for the public to enjoy, many of which also host events during the busy seasons including live music, festivals and markets. Check our events page to see what is coming up in the next few weeks.

Wherever you are in Devon, the well-looked after and child friendly parks are a great place to enjoy the great outdoors and have some fun.

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