About Us

Visit Devon is a Destination Management Organisation for the county of Devon, including North Devon, Exeter and Plymouth. We work with our members to support and grow Devon’s tourism and hospitality sector and to create a great place to visit.  

Visit Devon was formed as a community interest company run by the tourism industry on behalf of the industry in 2016. It is not in competition with the various tourism partnerships in the area, but rather was created to complement their work and to raise the profile of Devon as a destination, both nationally and internationally.  

Since its creation, Visit Devon has grown in membership and the website now also incorporates Visit North Devon and Exmoor and Visit Sidmouth, all on the same platform to further enhance interest in the region.  

Visit Devon is managed by a board of directors, who have been recruited from the tourism industry. The board consists of:  

Vince Flower (Chairman) 

Simon Fishwick (Company Secretary) 

Sally Everton (General Manager)


Carolyn Custerson (English Riviera BID Company) 

Paul Ridgers (RH Partners) 

Niki Lathwell (Seaxburh Partners) 

Andrew Leadbetter (Devon County Council)

Nick Powe (Kents Cavern) 

Stephen Walford (Mid-Devon District Council) 


Each committee is semi autonomous and has 4-5 members drawn from the board, plus the authority to second expertise from non board members who have a knowledge of the region and local tourism.  

Visit Devon is funded through membership, with any monies raised going back into the county to promote it further. Additional funding from grants is researched and pursued where appropriate.