Animals & Aquariums in North Devon

With its abundance of wildlife and North Devon’s fun farm attractions, there are plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with animals from around the world, from the exotic to the domestic and everything in between.

Hive of zoos, aquariums and animals

North Devon has a host of animal attractions, from the zoo in Exmoor to the family friendly small holdings, the coastal attractions and the aquarium in Ilfracombe, so whether you are looking for a calming day out or something exciting, you can find it here.

Like many of the zoos and other wildlife attractions in the region, Exmoor Zoo is famous for its conservation work, particularly with Humboldt penguins, lemurs, tamarins and marmosets. Recently, the zoo acquired a trio of wild African dogs, a species which is feared to be the next wild dog species to become extinct.

In Ilfracombe, you’ll find Ilfracombe Aquarium, established in 2001, this award winning family friendly attraction is the place to go for anyone wanting to find out more about the local marine wildlife. The local aquatic exhibits show off a collection of living exhibits that provide an insight into life around Exmoor and Lundy Island, which is a protected marine area and speaking of hives... 

Buzzingly good exhibits

For an attractions involving living things but with a difference, why not head to Quince Honey Farm in South Molton. This family run businesses is primarily a place to go for incredible locally sourced honey, but they also offer a series of bee related workshops and sessions, where you can learn more about this often misunderstood insect. Demos include teaching you all about how the hive is formed and gives a real insight into how bees live and work – that’s as well as the wide range of other family friendly attractions onsite. It really is a farm attraction with a huge difference.

Some animal attractions even feature extinct species, like the one in Combe Martin. The wildlife and dinosaur park allows you to learn about a variety of exotic animals, including the rare Hudson Bay Wolves, it’s one of the only places in the UK where you can see this beautiful breed, while also exploring the dinosaur museum and meeting the UK’s most realistic full sized animatronic T-Rex.

Want to spend more time with the animals? Why not head to Exmoor where you can wander among the wild ponies that reside there? Or perhaps you could book a stay on a North Devon Farm Holiday where you can wake up every morning to the sounds of cockerels and spend the spring months watching baby lambs and chicks take their first steps. Another way to catch wildlife in their natural habitat is to visit the Biosphere in North Devon, one of only 6 of its kind in the UK. The Biosphere in the Braunton Burrows/Barnstaple area runs a number of projects dedicated to conservation, so you’re sure to see a whole host of flora, fauna and animals while exploring.

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