cream tea

Christmas might be the time for indulgence and January might be when we all start watching our diets and returning to normal, but if you’re planning a trip to East Devon this year, then you have to do a foodie tour of the area and sample some of the region’s best loved delicacies.

Lucky for you, you can find examples of Devon’s fine food and drink all over Sidmouth and the surrounding area, so here are some of the treats you should try while you’re here.

A real Devonshire Cream Tea

There is something very special about a cream tea, whether you are just stopping for a quick bite or you’re celebrating, a cream tea suits a range of occasions, and it is one of our favourite Devon delicacies! Locally made clotted cream, homemade jam and scones (or if you’re super traditional, splits) straight from the oven with your choice of drink (tea, prosecco, you choose!) it is a real treat and there is nowhere better to enjoy it than Devon!

You can find Devon cream teas all over Sidmouth and East Devon, why not stop off at the Belmont Hotel where you can enjoy a cream tea with a view from their Horizon Restaurant?

Fish and Chips

If you go to the coast and you didn’t eat fish and chips, did you really go to the coast? You can find fish and chips everywhere, true, but in Devon the fish is often caught locally, in fact, you can often see the boats coming in with the catch of the day which you can then enjoy with chips and a sea view later on in the day!

Ice cream

Whether you’re visiting in the summer or the winter, there is always time for ice cream and as Devon is well known for the quality of its cream, there is no better place to try some! In Sidmouth, you can find a host of ice creameries, including at the Summer Shop, offering locally made flavours and familiar favourites.

Crab sandwiches

Devon crab is some of the best in the world, so a crab sandwich is a must! Like other fish dishes, crab is caught and sourced locally, often being served up the same day. Take a look at the region’s cafés and stop off for a sandwich or two!


Did you know Sidmouth has its own signature gin and vodka that is made right in the centre of town? Now you do! The award winning tipples make a great gift to bring back from your travels or a refreshing drink during your visit.


We can’t talk local drinks without mentioning cider! Cider is one of the West Country’s most famous exports and naturally, there are locally brewed options across Devon that you can find in pubs and bars in Sidmouth and the surrounding towns and villages.


We’ve already mentioned the quality of the cream from Devon and as with most coastal resorts, you can find fudge for sale around the region – only this fudge is made with that incredible Devonshire cream! Stop off in one of the region’s gift shops for some beautifully packaged options or pick up some whilst shopping in town!

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