Tackling Devon’s climate emergency

Devon County Council aims to be carbon neutral by 2050 and has created the Devon Climate Emergency project to raise awareness and encourage visitors and residents to the county to do all they can to achieve this.

The Devon Carbon Plan

The carbon plan has been created with an independent Net Zero Task Force. Though the goal is to be net zero by 2050, however there is a more immediate task to reduce carbon emissions around the county by 50% by 2030 compared to the levels in 2010.

You can find out more about the carbon plan here.

The website offers advice for businesses and individuals so we can all work together to achieve net zero.

East Devon’s climate policy

While the overall aim is for Devon to be carbon neutral by 2050, East Devon District Council plans to be a carbon neutral council by 2040, working within a low carbon economy and lifestyle.

They have published a 5 year plan to achieve this. Working with the communities in East Devon, EDDC’s climate action plan looks at how they can encourage low carbon development, reduce the carbon footprint of businesses and individuals around the region, protecting and enhancing the natural environment and creating more of a focus on transport and travel.

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