Honiton Hot Pennies Day

Honiton’s Hot Pennies Day is one of the town’s longest running events and has taken place every July since at least the 13th Century. Though it had less than fun origins, today it is a way to honour the town’s heritage and is a great way of exploring the history of the region.

Hot Pennies

When the tradition was first established, the local gentry would throw hot pennies at the peasants and have a jolly time watching them burn themselves as they attempted to gather up the coins. These days, it is merely warmed pennies that are thrown from the buildings into the crowds below.

The day begins with the town crier announcing the start of the event, after which a pole with a glove on the top is carried through the town. This goes with the declaration that “no man may be arrested so long as this glove is up” and harks back to a time when locals could be arrested over being in debt. Following this, the pennies are thrown.

It remains one of the busiest days in Honiton’s calendar and is well worth a visit. The event is often scheduled to take place on the first Tuesday after the 19th July. Make sure to keep an eye on our what’s on pages for the next date!