Food and Drink in Budleigh Salterton

As you might expect from a historic fishing town, Budleigh Salterton is known for the quality of its fish and seafood. More than that, like many of the communities in East Devon, the people here are proud of the diverse and top-quality produce that can be found here, which is why much of the food and drink you can find here is locally sourced.

You can often see local fisherman landing their hard-caught catch on the beach and then selling the freshest of fish and seafood.

Restaurants, cafés and markets are filled with varied and interesting seasonal dishes with fresh flavours directly from the surrounding countryside and coastline. Like most of the places along the Jurassic Coast, sustainability is a top priority, so you’ll find that most of the food and drink you enjoy while here is created using as little food miles as possible.

Enjoy tea by the sea

If you’re only visiting for the day or don’t want to travel too far, make sure to take advantage of the town’s beachside cafés. There are three to choose from, so there are no excuses not to enjoy a brew with a view.

Our local fish and chip shop is a real gem, too; why not take your order to the beach and enjoy a bite as the sun sets over the waves?

Sample local flavours

While you might know of Budleigh’s fishing history, you might not be aware of its role in the salt industry. The name of the town itself even comes from the practice. Salt has always been freely available on the coast but would always fetch a higher price further inland where it was in more demand. Throughout Budleigh’s history, monks from the nearby Otterton Priory would collect the salt in pans and transfer it back to the priory to be processed and then sold at markets across the county.

Local salt is just one of the things you can expect to find at the town’s monthly Farmers’ Market and in the hugely popular farm shops. On the outskirts of the town, you’ll find Pynes Farm Shop where you can pick up local meats, cheeses, fruit, veg, beer and more. Another locally made product you can find out more about when visiting is flour, the nearby Otterton Mill, which sits on the banks of the River Otter, runs milling days throughout the year where you can watch the flour being grinded using the old mill stones. The mill is one of the UK’s oldest working watermills and aside from giving you the chance to learn more about flour production, you can even taste the results at their onsite bakery, food shop and café. In fact, the Sunday Times even claimed that it is one of the best places in Britain for afternoon tea!

Those not visiting on market day don’t need to feel left out, there are plenty of opportunities to get a real taste of Budleigh Salterton at the town’s restaurants, pubs and cafés.

Try a local tipple… or two!

Within walking distance of the town centre is a small family run vineyard that has been producing award winning wines since 2005. At various points in the year, they offer guided tours of the vineyard, with wine tastings included in the price and lots of delicious Devon delicacies in the onsite shop.

With menus full of familiar favourites and adventurous flavours, there is something for everyone to be found here. Whether you’re in the mood for a certain cuisine with a Devon twist, want something quick to perk you up while exploring or you are on the hunt for the perfect menu to compliment a special occasion – you’ll be spoiled for choice here.

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