North Devon Second World War Itinerary

Day 1

Spend the day visiting the beaches of Saunton sands, the burrows and Instow, and walk in the footsteps of the Allied and North American brave soldiers. These became used as the practice beaches for North American forces before D-Day. 

Take lunch at one of many beach cafés and seafood restaurants, which now call these shores home.

You might like to spoil yourself and stay at the luxurious Saunton Sands Hotel or one of many other hostelries along these shores.

Day 2

Visit Clovelly, a 14th-century estate that is home to one of a private fishing village, built into the side of a 400-foot cliff, overlooking the Bristol estuary and Lundy Island.

The estate museum has photos of German fighter and bomber pilots captured in the village and on the estate having bailed out after being shot down.

The Estate house, Clovelly Court was turned over to the government during the First and second world wars as a hospital for Allied forces.

Lunch and stay in one of the Village 4-star Inn’s and experience a lost world.

Day 3   

Visit Bideford in the morning, the docks in the centre of this old market town were used for equipping the forces. The main part of the town was off limits during most of the war but particularly during the build-up to D-Day.

The town was also used as a centre for evacuees taken from the major cities in the Midlands and South of England. 

Then take a trip to Instow and see the beaches and training areas at Instow and Appledore which remain to this day a main training area for British Royal Marines and the Special Boat Service (the water equivalent of our SAS).

Then onto Ilfracombe to see the town and harbour, like Bideford, it also played a major part in the liberation of Europe.  

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