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Embark on an eco adventure: Sustainable tourism tips for East Devon Explorers

Here's a friendly nudge to explore East Devon in a way that's not only memorable but also meaningful – where your holiday becomes a chance to connect with nature and leave a positive impact on the stunning landscapes of our region.

Beach Cleans: Grab a bag and join us in keeping East Devon's coast as gorgeous as it deserves to be. Think about an ecotourism activity. You could do a 2-minute beach clean and join a movement where small actions make a big difference. Or you could join Sidmouth Plastic Warriors on one of their community beach cleans throughout the summer (link to calendar) and the rest of the year. Or you might want to participate in a wildlife survey, like the Great Eggcase Search from the Shark Trust.

Tree Planting: Fancy leaving a bit of your mark on the landscape? Join hands with us and witness the growth of a green legacy by joining one of the region’s tree-planting initiatives.

Bird Box Creation: Get together with the little ones and create cosy homes for our feathered friends. It's a simple yet heartwarming way to support local bird populations.

Nature Walks and Talks: Learn more about our enchanting landscapes from knowledgeable locals who know the tales of every tree, and the secrets of every trail. 

Conservation Volunteering: Feel the earth beneath your fingers as you contribute to hands-on conservation projects. Your efforts can help preserve the unique habitats that make East Devon extraordinary.

Sustainable Stays: Rest easy in the warmth of eco-friendly accommodations that provide every comfort while championing sustainable practices. 

Eco-Friendly Transportation: Swap the hustle and bustle for a more relaxed pace. Explore East Devon sustainably – on foot, by bike or using eco-conscious transport options such as trams

Wildlife Wonders: Marvel at the local wildlife from a respectful distance. Join guided tours led by passionate experts who can introduce you to the incredible diversity of East Devon's fauna.

Souvenirs with a Story: Choose souvenirs that tell a tale of East Devon's charm. Support local artisans and take home a piece of your eco-friendly adventure.


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