Dog-Friendly Budleigh Salterton

Nestled along the stunning Jurassic Coast of Devon, Budleigh Salterton is a quaint coastal town that warmly welcomes visitors and their furry friends. Renowned for its unspoiled beauty and dog-friendly atmosphere, Budleigh Salterton has become a go-to destination for dog owners seeking a relaxing getaway in Devon with their four-legged companions.

Coastal Charm for Canine Companions

One of the main attractions of Budleigh Salterton is its beautiful pebble beach, which stretches for miles and provides the perfect playground for dogs to run, play fetch, and splash in the waves. The beach is open to dogs year-round, making it an ideal spot for visiting during any season. Dogs are only allowed on part of the beach from May until September. From in front of the Lime Kiln car park up to Otter Head - where the river enters the sea. Whether basking in the summer sun or enjoying a brisk walk along the shore in winter, dogs can roam freely and revel in the fresh sea air. 

Beyond the beach, Budleigh Salterton offers an array of scenic walking paths and trails that wind through its charming countryside and along the coastline. The South West Coast Path, which passes through the town, allows dogs and their owners to explore the breathtaking scenery and take in the panoramic views of the sea and cliffs. These walking routes cater to various fitness levels, ensuring that all dogs, from energetic pups to laid-back seniors, can enjoy the outdoor adventures.

Stay with your four-legged friends

As a dog-friendly destination, Budleigh Salterton boasts a number of pet-welcoming accommodations, including cosy cottages, charming bed and breakfasts, and welcoming hotels. Many of these establishments go the extra mile to make dogs feel at home, providing dog beds, water bowls, and even treats upon arrival. Some accommodations are strategically located close to the beach or walking paths, making it convenient for guests and their canine companions to explore the town and its surroundings.

The town's community also contributes to its reputation as a dog-friendly haven. Budleigh Salterton prides itself on its friendly and welcoming locals who often greet dogs with a warm smile and a friendly pat. The town's residents are understanding and accommodating when it comes to dogs in public spaces, and this mutual respect between visitors and the community creates a harmonious atmosphere for all.

When it comes to dining and shopping, Budleigh Salterton does not disappoint pet owners. Many of the town's cafes, restaurants, and pubs have outdoor seating areas where dogs are welcome, allowing visitors to enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee with their furry companions by their side. Additionally, the town's pet shops offer a selection of goodies and accessories to spoil dogs during their stay.

Bring your dogs and be responsible!

We love seeing your dogs enjoying themselves while out and about in Budleigh Salterton and we’re always happy to have your furry friends join you for your trip. The town is dog friendly, as are many of the businesses, but it is important to be aware of other people and respectful of the environment around you.

The majority of people are responsible dog owners and are respectful of not only the environment but people around them. As much as we dog lovers don’t want to admit it, there are others who aren’t as fond of the pups as we are, and so many dog owners visiting Budleigh are thoughtful of those around them – but can be easy for your dog to forget their manners when they are somewhere new.

To help make sure that everyone, the dogs included, have a great time while in Budleigh Salterton, here are some ways that you can be a responsible dog owner while enjoying a day trip with your dogs in and around Budleigh.

  1. Leads are important!
    If there is plenty of space, it is always nice to let your dog off and give them a little exercise, however, the law does require all dogs to be kept on a lead when walking on streets and footpaths. Dogs should also be kept on a lead while in car parks and church yards – so make sure to have it on you at all times! You may also notice signs asking for dogs to be on leads in certain areas where there is conservation work or farmland, this is to help protect wildlife and livestock, as well as your dog. There will often be signage to mark where these restricted zones end, so keep an eye out.
    Don’t forget, it is your legal duty to ensure that your dog has an external tag or collar with your name and contact details on. Any dogs without can be claimed as a stray and if they run off, it will be much easier to reunite you than searching for a vet to examine their microchips!
  2. Keep it clean
    Did you know it is an offence to not clean up after your dog? It’s not just unsightly but also a health risk, especially to small children, other dogs and wildlife. We know that dogs can’t hold it like we can, so it is important to have bags with you at all times, just in case. You will find bins marked for dog mess all over the town and you can pick up poop scoops and plastic bags at lots of locations should you not have any on you.
    You are required to pick up your dog’s mess on all land open to the air to which the public has access, which includes all roads, footpaths, walkways and passageways, parks and gardens, beaches, promenades, gardens, car parks and sports grounds. If in doubt, don’t leave it to chance, bag it and bin it.
  3. Plan your trip
    This one is obvious but if you’re planning to bring your pet with you when visiting Budleigh or anywhere else in Devon, make sure to check out what dog-friendly attractions, accommodations and eateries are around and what restrictions, if any they have and what they provide. Many places are happy to provide beds and water bowls but make sure you know what you have to bring.
  4. Bring everything you need
    Things you might not use at home, like harnesses for nervousness or LED collars you might need on holiday, especially if it is the first time you’re going away with your dog. Their behaviour can change while they’re in a new environment, so make sure to keep an eye on them and to take precautions.
  5. The beach
    Dogs love beaches! At Budleigh, we have a pebble beach, which does have some restrictions, so please keep an eye out for local signage and follow the instructions to avoid any issues. Dogs are allowed all year at either end of the beach, east from Lime Kiln carpark and west from the west end of the prom. Dogs are banned from the centre portion of the beach between 1st May and 30th September.

Budleigh Salterton is a delightful coastal retreat that warmly embraces visitors and their canine companions. From its dog-friendly beach and picturesque walking paths to its welcoming community and pet-welcoming accommodations, the town offers a truly enjoyable experience for dog owners seeking a tranquil and scenic escape. Whether exploring the stunning coastline or simply basking in the town's relaxed ambience, Budleigh Salterton is a must-visit destination for dog lovers looking to create cherished memories with their furry friends.

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