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When you visit Ottery St Mary, you'll immediately feel like a local, welcomed by the friendly and inviting community that sets this town apart. Whether you're exploring the shops, dining at local eateries, or simply strolling through the streets, the residents of Ottery St Mary are always ready to offer a helping hand and make you feel right at home.

No matter the duration of your stay, whether it's a few nights or a quick visit, you'll experience a comforting sense of community in Ottery St Mary. The town is dotted with unique and independent shops and eateries, providing a distinct and personalized experience. It's the warmth and friendliness of the locals that keep people returning year after year, creating a loyal following of visitors who are captivated by the genuine hospitality.

Ottery St Mary is a haven where young families can find solace, enjoying the town's safe and welcoming environment. It's also a place where the older generation can feel at ease, embraced by the community's inclusive and caring nature.

While it may not be a typical tourist trap, Ottery St Mary has a way of capturing your heart. The genuine warmth and sense of belonging experienced here leave a lasting impression on all who visit. So come and immerse yourself in the heartwarming atmosphere, discover the unique charm of this town, and let Ottery St Mary steal a piece of your heart.

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Get into the Festive Spirit in Ottery St Mary

  • 3 minute read

Now that Halloween is over, there’s no better time to start getting into the Christmas spirit! Ottery St Mary is the perfect place to enjoy the festivities, with lots of unique community events taking place throughout November and December. There’s plenty of opportunity to get involved with lots of…

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Step into a Medieval Wonderland at Wildwood Devon This Christmas

  • 1 minute read

This holiday season, Wildwood Devon invites you to step back in time with Earth Santa – a unique twist on the traditional Father Christmas experience. From the 18th to the 24th of December, Santa and his Earth Elves can be found in Wildwood’s Saxon Village – an outdoor living history centre set up…

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Diego arrives in Devon following life-saving rescue

  • 2 minute read

Wildwood Trust, working with Jimmy’s Farm and Wildlife Park, has successfully rescued Diego, the sole surviving bear at Orsa Predator Park in Sweden, which will soon close. The Swedish park is due to close imminently to make room for a leisure facility and staff were ordered to euthanise any animals…

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The Ottery St. Mary Tar Barrels: A Fiery Tradition

  • 3 minute read

Are you ready for Ottery St. Mary’s fiery tradition? Taking place on Saturday 4th November, the town becomes a hive of activity to celebrate the unique Tar Barrels! Whether you’re a local or a visitor, make sure to pop by and see this spectacular showing. The history of the Tar Barrels dates back…

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Ottery St Mary’s Historic Church

  • 3 minute read

Standing proud in Ottery St. Mary is a magnificent testament to history, architecture, and faith: St. Mary's Church. This ancient parish church has stood for centuries, witnessing the ebb and flow of time and serving as a symbol of continuity in an ever-changing world. If you think it bears a…

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