Eco Friendly Holidays in East Devon

East Devon is one of the most beautiful and geologically important places in the UK, which is why it is so important to preserve it for future generations. Here in East Devon, sustainability is a huge focus for businesses, residents and visitors alike.

Sustainability in Devon

The whole of Devon aims to be carbon neutral by 2050 at the latest and in East Devon, there are a host of plans to help achieve this. In East Devon particularly, there is a real drive to limit the environmental, social and economic impact of everyday life.

Eco-friendly East Devon

In East Devon we are blessed with an impressive natural larder. You will notice while visiting that many of the businesses are committed to cutting down food miles by sourcing ingredients for menus from local producers where possible. There are fewer things better than enjoying a Devonshire cream tea by the beach, especially when the scones are home-made, the cream from local farmers and the jam from local fruit.

The region’s shops and other businesses have also committed to removing single use plastics from their sites. If you’re a fan of stopping for a tea or coffee, take your own keep cups with you – several businesses will offer discounted prices to those who are bringing their own cups. You can even pick up one from the Sidmouth TIC or from our online shop. If not, make sure to recycle your cups and other rubbish where you can.

That’s not the only way that businesses in East Devon are working on their sustainability. Many accommodation providers are investing in renewable energy, so you can enjoy the same comfortable stay you’ve always had, while lowering your carbon footprint. You will also notice that more and more electric car charging points are appearing around the area.

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