Parking in Budleigh Salterton


  • Public Parking:

    • Rolle Mews Car Park: Located on Station Road, offers a convenient parking option close to the town centre.
    • Lime Kiln Car Park: Situated near the beach, this car park is another popular choice for visitors.
    • Upper Station Road Car Park: Found on Upper Station Road, provides additional parking spaces for visitors and residents.
    • Fore Street Car Park: Located on Fore Street, offers parking spaces close to the shops and amenities in the town centre.
  • On-Street Parking:

    • High Street: Limited on-street parking spaces available along the High Street. Please check for any signage indicating restrictions or time limits.
    • Marine Parade: Some on-street parking spaces are available along Marine Parade, particularly close to the beachfront.
  • Blue Badge Parking:

    • Designated parking spaces are available for Blue Badge holders in various car parks and on-street locations. These spaces are closer to the town cente and other amenities to facilitate accessibility.
  • Pay and Display:

    • Most public parking lots in Budleigh Salterton operate on a pay and display basis. Visitors need to purchase a parking ticket from the machine and display it in their vehicle.
  • Parking Restrictions:

    • Some parking areas may have time restrictions, particularly during peak periods or in high-demand locations. Always check the signs and information displayed in each parking area to avoid any penalties.
  • Seasonal Variations:

    • Budleigh Salterton may experience increased parking demand during peak tourist seasons, such as summer holidays or special events. It's advisable to arrive early or consider alternative transportation options during these times.

It's worth noting that parking information and availability may change over time. Therefore, it's recommended to check the latest updates and signage in Budleigh Salterton for the most accurate and up-to-date parking information.

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