Sustainable shorelines - A guide to responsible beachgoing in East Devon

As you prepare to get swept away by the beauty of the East Devon coastline, here are some simple ways you make sure your beach day is a great one for everyone — including the environment:

Leave No Trace:

Carry a beach bag for your belongings and take all your waste with you. Dispose of litter in designated bins to prevent pollution of the beach and ocean.

Respect Wildlife:

Keep a safe distance from wildlife, especially seagulls, nesting birds and marine life. Avoid feeding wildlife as human food can be harmful to their health as well as encouraging them to behave in ways that endanger their wellbeing 

Sustainable Snacking:

Choose reusable containers for your snacks and beverages and aim to source snacks to support nearby businesses. Why not take the opportunity to sample an authentic taste of the Devon coast by taking home some fresh, sustainably sourced local seafood? Sidmouth Trawlers, located at the East end of Sidmouth beach, sells a variety of ethically sourced fish which is also available to buy from the day boats at Budleigh Salterton.

Responsible Recreation:

Use biodegradable sunscreen to minimise the impact on marine life. Limit beach games to designated areas — respecting the natural environment.

Water Conservation:

Conserve water by using beach showers sparingly. Refrain from littering the beach with water balloons and plastic toys — use our beach toy library instead! Located on the Sidmouth seafront and at Jacob’s Ladder, you can borrow a range of buckets, spades, toy cars and other items to make your trip to the beach even more fun and kinder on your pocket.

Safety First:

Following the Natural History Museum rockpooling guide, remember to put safety first, be careful and mindful of your surroundings. 

Respect Beach Regulations:

Stick to any posted rules and regulations, including beach closures. Respect the beach's natural features, such as cliffs and rock formations.

 Attend Clean-Up Events:

Participate in local beach clean-up events to contribute to the preservation of East Devon's coast.

Encourage others to join you in keeping the beaches clean. Why not join Sidmouth Plastic Warriors on one of their community beach cleans throughout the summer and the rest of the year? Or you might want to participate in a wildlife survey, like the Great Eggcase Search from the Shark Trust.

 Eco-Friendly Transportation:

Opt for eco-friendly transportation options when travelling to the beach. Car-share or use public transportation to reduce your carbon footprint. Better still, walk, cycle or even kayak your way around East Devon’s coast.

Let the waves of East Devon wash away your worries, leaving only footprints in the sand. By embracing these responsible beachgoing practices, you become a lifeguard of the coast so that every day can be a perfect beach day! 

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