Dog-friendly Dartmoor

Dartmoor is a dog owner's dream - not only do you have wide open space to explore, but the moor is incredibly dog friendly, with accommodation and attractions who are happy to welcome your four legged friends, as well as specially curated walking routes. Wherever you choose to stay on Dartmoor, you'll find the perfect places for a memorable trip. 

Walking with your dog on Dartmoor

Much of Dartmoor is open to all and can be enjoyed by humans and dogs alike, just be aware of the livestock and other wildlife that call the moor home. If self-guided walks aren't for you - don't forget to call into one of the Visitor Centres for a handy map where you can find suggested routes ideal for dog walks. 

Just be aware that for certain months of the year, you will need to keep your dog on a lead for the protection of the nesting animals that live on the moor. This period usually lasts from March until July, but do check with local park authorities for exact dates. Park authorities will also be on hand to help should you tun out of poo bags or need treats! 

Cycling with your dog on Dartmoor

Cycling is one of the best ways to enjoy Dartmoor and here, even your dogs can enjoy a bike ride! Many of the bike hire companies that are located around Dartmoor have dog chariots! So if you're planning a long day out and you don't want your dogs to get worn out, make sure to book one!